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Training curriculum

Medical Investigations



quality control

liver function tests

jundice Profile

kidney function tests

diabetes profile tests (glucose)

pancrease tests

lipid profile test

cardic function tests

thyroid function tests

Pcr +Eliza

complete urine analysis


Coagulation profile

complete stool analysis 

culture and senstivity

general haematology (CBC)

Reproduction Assays (Andrology)(Semen analysis

Tumor markers


Communication Skills in Hospitals

1-Do we need to communicate?

2-what is communication skills?

3- why is the communication skills important in the work place?

4-the communication cycle

5-how to avoid the bad communication?

6-3 rules to enhance your verbal skills 

7-the non verbal skills “it’s not what you say , it’s how you say it “

8-Appearance is your visual CV

9-3cs to create a great first impression 

10- how to develop your listening skills?

11-building your empathy skills 

12-breaking bad news 

13-giving feedback 

14- how to be more assertive?

15-know, like & trust theory